Cup with saucer thé extra 25 cl, Raynaud

VAT included

Cristobal ROUGE

A decor imagined by decorator Alberto Pinto for Maison Raynaud.

Its originality lies in the subtle decoration of its rooms. Each of them has its own history and an aesthetic personality in its own right.

The original coral red color comes from one of the many services lovingly sourced by Alberto Pinto. It is sometimes dense and deep on the coral handles of the cups or on the knobs of the jugs, sometimes soft, contrasting, nuanced and watercolored on the plates decorated with harmoniously shaped coral motifs.

By small touches or in an opulent staging, Cristobal composes, builds and invents himself ad infinitum with the elegance and generosity that characterize the talented decorator.

 9.3 cm. Height : 6.2 cm. Capacity : 25 cl. Weight : 150gr

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