Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer chef's knife 20 cm

VAT included

Blade Length 20 cm

Handle Walnut wood

HRC 61 Rockwell

Sharpening angle 15º

Made in Japan

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The Kai Shun Premier Tim Mälzer chef’s knife, 20 cm is one of the many kitchen knives from the Tim Mälzer collection from the Japanese Kai. A unique collection that is characterized by a stunning blade and a striking design. Due to the blade length and height this knife is perfect when cutting vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. But also finely chopping herbs, crushing pepper corns and peeling cloves of garlic is a piece of cake. This knife is amazing to behold and amazing to use.

Kai Shun Tim Mälzer blade

The Kai Shun Tim Mälzer knives are enhanced with Kai’s famous Damascus layered steel construction, combined with a very hard core made from VG-MAX steel. The blade is hammered by hand according to Japanese tradition. This technique is called tsuchime. It not only leaves you with a razor-sharp knife and a stunning design, it also makes sure nothing sticks to the blade. The core of the blade is enhanced with 32 layers of stainless damascus steel on the outside. The hardness of these knives is 61 ±1 HRC, which is exceptionally hard. As such this knife retains its sharpness for a long time.

Kai Shun Tim Mälzer handle

The handle feels great in hand, both for left and right-handed users. A stunning detail is the Tim Mälzer logo at the end of the handle. All-in all a stunning, functional knife to love.

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