Timer "FUTURA"

VAT included

• 60 min. max. • mechanical • requires no batteries • magnet on the back • sounds an alarm when the timer reaches zero • use: 1. wind timer up fully to activate the bell function 2. set the required time|

Ding ding!

The practical timer is ideal for monitoring the cooking time of breakfast eggs, roasts and more. Thanks to the magnet on its back, it can be attached to all magnetic surfaces, such as the fridge or stovetop hood. The red colouring on the dial means you can always keep an eye on the remaining time. To use the timer, you first have to wind it up completely to 60 minutes to activate the bell function. Then set the desired time (1-60 minutes). When the time is up, the bell will ring loudly.


• not dishwasher safe • 5 years guarantee


Stainless steel; ABS


60 x 60 x 36 mm

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