Bordeaux goblet Quatrophil set of 6

VAT included

In top form: the widest part of the goblet, which is set particularly low, ensures an extra long chimney - this is how the bouquet of the wines comes into its own.

Volume (to the brim): 645 ml
Height: 255 mm
Outside diameter: 102 mm 

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Suitable for powerful, tannin-heavy red wines such as Amarone, Blaufränkisch, Bordeaux wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Aglianico and Tempranillo.

QUATROPHIL by Stölzle is a collection of glasses with strikingly shaped goblets and mugs. The machine-drawn stem of the goblets is particularly long and fine and makes them extraordinarily elegant. The widest part of the wine glasses is set low: this not only gives them an extravagant design, but also gives the wine a lot of room to breathe and the aromas to develop even if the volume is small. A brandy goblet, two whiskey glasses and a long drink glass complement the QUATROPHIL wine goblet line.
Anyone who appreciates the QUATROPHIL design should refer to the glasses from the Stölzle premium collection Q1: conceived in the same design, but mouth-blown and made by hand, the Q1 glasses are even finer, more delicate and more elegant.


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