SUA Smooth Cast Aluminum Grill Pan, Folding handle, 28x28 cm.

VAT included

Grill pan made of the highest quality cast aluminum. High-quality two-layer non-stick finish and 100% PFOA-free, and they are free of toxic, heavy materials, solvents and chemical substances.

They are designed for healthy cooking: it allows cooking with hardly any oil, guaranteeing that food does not stick.

Handle made of oak wood, fully foldable and ultra-resistant to heat.

Maximum efficiency and energy savings; Its completely smooth Full Induction diffuser bottom is specially designed to distribute heat quickly and evenly over the entire surface (base + walls), thus ensuring that food is cooked evenly over the entire surface. Suitable for all types of fires: Gas, Electric, Vitroceramic and Induction.

Thickness: 1.7 mm. Measurements: 28 x 28 x 3.8 cm. Weight: 1150 g.

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