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Glass 360 mL. PINTA Set 6

With TEMPERED technical treatment: This treatment
gives the products excellent resistance
to mechanical and thermal shocks, increasing from
10 to 50 times the life of the products.
Measurements: h.90 mm, d.86 mm



Please note, this item is not dishwasher or microwave safe and should be air-dried before storing. Due to the nature of the material composition, this product may break if dropped. Only suitable for cold drinks.

L10 x W8 x H6.5 cm


Natural bamboo flatware Jean Dubost (4 Pieces set)


Natural Bamboo table cuterly

Set of 4 pieces: 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 table spoon and 1 teaspoon

Genuine natural bamboo wood handles

Dishwasher polish

Stainless steel thickness: knife 1.8 mm; fork, spoon and coffee 2.0 mm blade of the micro-toothed knife mirror polished goldsmith finish

100% Made in France

Pack 6 Sidra Tumbler 500ml.

The Sidra tumbler is suitable for serving alcoholic drinks and for presenting soft drinks in a modern, tall shape. The tempered glass guarantees its resistance to serving accidents, its longevity and limits restocking.
  • TUMBLER : 50 cl - 16 3/4 oz

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Jumbo Cup and Saucer Foxglove


A true British classic, Botanic Garden was designed by the celebrated designer Susan Williams-Ellis. Botanic Garden\'s delightful mixture of pretty floral motifs and signature leaf border set a new trend for casual dining in the 1970s and today Botanic Garden looks as pretty as a daisy. This delightful Botanic Garden Jumbo Cup & Saucer comes in a variety of beautiful motifs - this giant cup and saucer is a great gift for anyone who loves a big cup of tea.

Dimensions: 0.50L, 20oz

Dishwasher Safe | Freezer Safe | Microwave Safe | Oven Safe Up To 170°C