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Copper makes sensitive objects shine!
The copper products clean pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops, glass, stainless steel, etc. especially thoroughly and gently. Perfect for removing rust from cutlery. Also ideal for all shiny parts of bicycles and motorcycles, as well as for glass and chrome parts and aluminum rims on cars. Fine copper threads loosen even the most stubborn dirt carefully – because copper is a soft metal that is non-abrasive. When used in wet condition, it will leave no scratches on enamel and ceramic cooktops and will give your sink a high sheen! Not suitable for Teflon or other non-stick surfaces. Use in wet condition only!

Blind Brush


The solution! No more bothersome cleaning of one slat at a time.

  • oiled beechwood handle, dark goat hair  
  • bristle area length: 8 cm  
  • Ø 2,5 cm each  
  • Size: handle: 12 cm

Hand Brush

  • oiled beechwood  
  • brown horsehair  
  • Size: 35 cm

Horsehair is great for cleaning and sweeping. The dense tuft made of horse’s tail does not create a static charge and the bristles adapt to any surface. It effectively removes dust, sand and dirt, and leaves nothing behind.

Dust Brush S-Shape

  • waxed beechwood  
  • goat hair  
  • Size: 27 cm

Dust brushes of soft hand-constructed goat hair are specially suited for sensitive smooth surfaces, such as pianos, glass tables, etc. Care: clean the dust brush with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After washing, wrap the dust brush in a towel and carefully press out excess water. Hang dry. You may gently comb the brush using a metal comb and it will last a lifetime.

Compact Dish Drainer SIMPLEHUMAN


Compact metal dish rack is small enough to fit perfectly in most conventional sinks, leaving the countertop completely uncluttered, but not lacking in the capacity to accommodate large dishes. If used on the countertop, it incorporates an integrated drainer with a removable stainless steel gutter that drains the water directly into the sink.

37x 33 x 18 cm.

Rust proof

Dish Drainer Rack, Plastic


This dish drying rack is as good-looking as it is clever. Designed to hold the maximum amount of dishes while taking up minimal counter space, it doubles as a soaking bin when you use the stopper in the base. Includes a rotating spout that drains excess water into the sink.

Materials: ABS Resin
Certifications: BPA-FREE
Dimensions: L: 9.4 x W: 15 x H: 5.1 inches
Weight: 1.9 lbs.
Capacity: 1.25 gallon | 4.5 liters
Load-bearing weight: 11 lbs.

BBQ style apron – Canvas,Grey Green


This apron is available in canvas with 100% leather straps. This style is perfectly washed and handmade by skilled craftsmen. With a characteristic worn look, which makes every apron unique, and very comfortable because of canvas quality.

  • You can wash me at 40 degrees after removing my leather straps
  • One size fits most
  • The stretch quality, very comfortable to wear
  • You get me in a beautiful gift box including two black carabiners and a loop for a handtowel

Material army canvas: 100% cotton
Material stretch canvas: 98% cotton, 2% elastane
Material straps: 100% leather

Bathroom squeegee


A loyal helper - bathroom wiper 

Everyone wants a dirt-free bathroom and a streak-free shine in your shower cubicle. You can do this in seconds with this bathroom squeegee. Immediately after showering, remove the tiles in the bathroom and the glass of your shower with the rubber lip of your bathroom squeegee and you\'re done! The bathroom squeegee is made of sturdy PP plastic. The longevity of the shower lip is guaranteed by the type of processing and design.

Bathroom squeegee Tess made of PP plastic in gray / white. Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 4 cm.

Slim Kitchen Storage Cart


Keep this ultra-slim storage cart stocked with oils, spices or anything you need close by while cooking. Moveable hooks can be used for hanging items and the wheels make it easy to pull the cart out for use and stow away again when finished. Great for the bathroom or kitchen.

Material: Steel
L 38 x W 12 x H 66 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg

Feather duster Living Nostalgia 40 cm feathers/wood brown


Behind the charming appearance of this feather duster from KitchenCraft is a powerful cleaning tool that makes light work of everyday dusting, without the need for toxic cleaning chemicals or expensive replacement parts. Best of all, the head is made from real ostrich feathers. In short, the perfect feather duster for cleaning your home!

Colour: brown, natural
Gender: unisex
Material: ostrich feathers, wood
Length: 40 cm

Lambskin Duster


Thanks to its natural attraction, this lambskin feather duster gently removes dust from even sensitive objects. By "whirling" in the palms of the hands, it is immediately ready for use again. If it gets a little more dirty, you can wash it by hand with mild soapy water, hang it up to dry and then comb it out gently.

  • untreated wooden handle  
  • 100% lambskin  
  • Size: about 70cm

EcoWood Natural Paulownia Wood Drawer Organizer Bins


Sustainability meets storage with the iDesign EcoWood Natural Paulownia Wood Drawer Organizer Bin. This eco-friendly bin provides storage in kitchen and pantry drawers for smaller items such as utensils, gadgets, measuring cups and spoons, bag clips, wine stoppers, bottle openers, and more. This versatile storage tray is also great for use in the bathroom, bedroom, closet, office, craft room, nursery, or anywhere you need additional organization. The open top design ensures items are always visible and accessible, and it can be paired with additional organizers in the EcoWood Collection (sold separately) for modular and customized storage. The sustainably-sourced Paulownia wood construction stands up to every day use, and it is sealed to resist stains, splinters, and warping. The natural finish matches a variety of kitchen and home decor styles. 

Storage Basket White / Natural L


Nice playful basket with handles, for example to put your plant in. Bandung is made of seagrass and is very nice as storage, because you can store a lot in it. The basket is sold individually in size M and L, but also as a set of 2.

Material:Seagrass Color: Natural / White  Size:  M / L 

 dia 30 x H 33 cm

L  dia 33 x H 43 cm

Bottle Rack


A convenient storage rack that makes the most out of your under-sink shelves. 4 tiers that can stock a wide range
of bottles such as PET bottles, shampoos or cleaning and detergent bottles. Because of its oblique position, grabbing the bottles comes easily. Its practical and sleek design makes it fit neatly into any cabinet.

Designed in Japan




 L 20 x W 20.5 x H40 cm


1.8 kg

Eco Recycled PET Shopping Bag - Eat Green


Eco Recycled PET shopping bags are created using plastic water bottles that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The bottles are collected, cleaned and checked before being transformed into fabric where prints and patterns may be added. It takes just 4 recycled plastic bottles to create each Ladelle tote bag.

      Light weight and folds away when not in use.

      Each bag can hold up to 20kg.


  • Range: Eco
  • Materials: Recycled PET
  • Dimensions: 39 × 64.5 × 15cm
  • Colour: Green