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Professional Wall-mounted...
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Professional Wall-mounted Corkscrew BOJ

€148.76 €185.95
  • OPERATION: with the BOJ wall-mounted corkscrew is very easy to open wine bottles with efficiency. The leverage arm of this opener measures 12 inches to maximize extracting power, with an overall height of 22 inches. Place the bottle in the holder: it is not necessary to hold the bottle. The wall –mounted corkscrew is very sturdy and the mechanism works very smoothly.

CHURCHILL connoisseur set

Globetrotters and connoisseurs are going to love this set. Embedded in the finest nappa leather, CHURCHILL contains a tube for cigars, a hip flask of the same size of approx. 5 cl volume as well as a cigar cutter and four compartments for credit cards, etc. - nothing can keep it´s owner from enjoyment.
Lamb leather, black, stainless steel, polished
18 x 10 x 4 cm

Cork screw VINO

  • Material: Chromed cast metal, coated screw - Dimensions: Length: 16cm 
  • Because of the patented movable outer handle buttons, the corkscrew adjusts automatically to all bottle necks.
  • The spiral is hardened and double-coated with Teflon and pleasing with its precise tip.
  • The benefits:
    • Professional accessories for wine lovers.
    • Modern design, high-quality materials.
    • Functional details.

ZWILLING Sommelier Wine Tool 2 Pieces Set


This two-piece sommelier set from the ZWILLING® Sommelier range offers professional tools for wine connoisseurs. It is made of high-quality stainless steel which guarantees long service life and a visually appealing surface.

This set includes a high-quality corkscrew, which allows you to remove the cork effortlessly without piercing it. A pouring spout is also included. Wine lovers will have immense joy pouring fine wine with this ZWILLING sommelier set.

  • Elegant design
  • Elegant set consisting of corkscrew and decanter 
  • In a premium gift box



If you are a fan of wine, a waiter or an occasional consumer, Lacor offers you a variety of electric corkscrews where you can choose the one you prefer.

For many people, uncovering a bottle of wine is almost a fight with the cork, since sometimes the cork breaks and a piece of it remains inside the neck of the bottle, other times there are remains inside the wine. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to open a bottle of wine easily, the Lacor electric corkscrew is a tool that should not be missing in your kitchen.

It is extremely easy to use with this corkscrew you can open 40 to 50 bottles in a short time.

RÖSLE Nut Cracker stainless... RÖSLE Nut Cracker stainless...
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RÖSLE Nut Cracker stainless steel

€33.02 €41.28

Front-oriented angled teeth grip nuts firmly preventing them from slipping. Pressure onto the nutshell is exerted solely by the teeth so that the shell can be cracked open without damage to the core.

Weight 0.255 kg
Height 18 mm
width 105 mm
Length 200 mm