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Pedro Callus Remover & Foot File Black


The callus remover is very safe even for inexperienced users. Removes hardness of hands, elbows and feet. When used properly, it guarantees injury-free use and is therefore also recommended for diabetics without restriction.

It can be used both wet or dry and after use the callus remover can be easily and hygienically cleaned by simply rinsing it.

  • High quality Ceramic stone for gentle removal of calluses on the feet
  • Handy and practical
  • Antibacterial - 99.99% of bacteria is automatically destroyed
  • Double sided - one coarse and one fine
  • Can be used wet or dry

Toilet Paper Stand with Tray


This tall and slim toilet paper stand can hold up to three toilet paper rolls and has a tray on top. It is space-saving and fits also into smaller bathroom. Easy to set up, easy to restock. 

Toothbrush Stand


This simply designed toothbrush stand includes a removable silicone base mat for easy cleaning.

Color: White
Material: Steel
L 11 x W 5 x H 8 cm
Weight: 0,23 kg
Designed in Japan