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Natural bamboo flatware... Natural bamboo flatware...
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Natural bamboo flatware Jean Dubost (4 Pieces set)

€70.66 €78.51

Natural Bamboo table cuterly

Set of 4 pieces: 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 table spoon and 1 teaspoon

Genuine natural bamboo wood handles

Dishwasher polish

Stainless steel thickness: knife 1.8 mm; fork, spoon and coffee 2.0 mm blade of the micro-toothed knife mirror polished goldsmith finish

100% Made in France

42 pcs. Dinner set KING

  • Made from high-grade 18/10 stainless steel
  • Non-corrosive
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Perfectly shaped for small hands – ideal for children from 3 years
  • No risk of injury due to slightly blunted knife and rounded fork tips
  • 6 Dinner spoon, 6 Dinner fork, 6 Dinner Knife, 6 Coffee spoon, 6 Dessert fork, 6 Espreso spoon, 6 Dessert knife.

Chopstick Set 5p.

  • Stainless steel application with ZWILLING Logo on top
  • Chopstick: Black synthetic SPS material
  • Spoon: 18/10 stainless steel
  • In presentation box

Cutlery Set 24 pcs. SAMBONET "TWIST" PVD Stainless Steel


Black PVD Stainless Steel 

Dishwasher Safe

The handle lines create a slight twisting motion, but well defined. The ergonomic grip fits the line of the hand and it makes this model as the archetype of the Sambonet flatware, which opens itself to the ritual of the table.

The flatware set 24 pcs includes:
6 table spoons
6 table forks
6 table knives
6 teaspoons.

WMF Cutlery Set 30p ATRIA

  • Content: 6 person 30-piece: 6 table forks, 6 table knives, 6 table spoons, 6 cake forks, 6 tea/coffee spoon.
  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 polished. Rust-free, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, sanitary, acid resistant and indestructible.
  • The solid Monobloc table knives made of rust-free blade steel are forged from one piece and hardened as a whole.
  • Design: Jutta Keil.
  • Atria collection

Laguiole Steak Knife manche noir, Set of 6


6 Laguiole table knives

black ABS handles

stainless steel bolsters

2.5 mm thick stainless steel

mirror polished goldsmith finish

100% made in France

dishwasher safe

avoid long cycles

open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle and wipe your knives with a soft cloth

WMF Atria Cutlery 30 pieces set


Contents: Cutlery set for 6 people (30 pieces): 6 forks, 6 table knives, 6 table spoons, 6 dessert forks and 6 dessert spoons - Item number: 1120916040

Material: tempered Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, polished (bright) finish; Acid and scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

Monoblock stainless steel table knives are forged in one piece and have a serrated blade that ensures long-lasting sharpness.

The cutlery set is supplied in a high quality cutlery case which can be used to store the cutlery.

ZWILLING 113 Pcs. Cutlery set


Contents: 12 table spoons, 1 cake shovel, 2 salad spoon, 1 salad fork, 12 table forks, 12 table knives, 12 coffee spoons, 12 dessert knives, 12 cake forks, 12 espresso spoons, 12 fish forks, 12 fish knives and 1 soup ladle.

18/10 stainless steel

Monobloc special activation knives

Cutlery made in molds for greater resistance and duration

Dishwasher safe

Polished finish