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NAKA Natural wooden flax seed mill, 11 cm


For lovers of simple, healthy tasty food, the Naka flax seed mill is created for you. This superb natural wood mill with a specifically dedicated mechanism designed to grind flax seed (or mixtures of flax and sesame) will be the perfect companion to garnish your salads, vegetable dishes, yoghurts or fruit compotes. Now, with a simple action, you can benefit from all the goodness of freshly ground flax seed.

Manual coffee grinder with Kyocera ceramic grinding system


KYOCERA CM-40 ceramic coffee grinder, adjustable from coarse to fine, removable, easy to fill

Manual coffee grinder with Kyocera ceramic grinding system. This material allows the manufacture of an extremely hard mechanism, resistant to corrosion, heat and acids. Ceramic mechanisms maintain very long mechanical performance. The Adjustment Knob levers (easily) a very fine to coarse grind to suit your needs and wishes. Here are all the benefits you can enjoy as part of a daily Kyocera ceramic grinder use.

Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.9 x 20.1 cm.