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Cafe au lait cup with saucer 0,35l

14,01 €
The A Table tableware of ASA-selection is a simple, but elegant tableware made from Fine Bone China. This fine porcelain is known for its luster, pure white appearance, transparency and exceptionally strong quality. The tableware is safe to use for the oven and microwave, suitable for the dishwasher and the freezer. Ideal for the daily use.

  • 0,35l
  • Dishwasher Safe Yes

Chef's knife ZWILLING® Pro 16cm

78,47 €

The wide bladed, versatile chef\'s knife from the ZWILLING® Pro range, which has won the trust of both professional chefs and amateurs alike with its high-quality products, is a highly practical kitchen solution. Whether used for cutting and removing the skin and seeds from vegetables, chopping herbs or carving meat or filleting fish, this stable, versatile, multi-purpose chef\'s knife with a strong, wide, 16 cm blade and flat cutting edge will have a place in many a kitchen and is particularly recommended for beginners. 

Cerise Round Cocotte STAUB Ø26cm.

205,79 €

This round Staub cocotte made from easy to care for, durable cast iron is ideal for cooking meat or vegetables gently and healthily. This colourful roasting pan in striking cherry has caught the attention of top chefs such as Paul Bocuse and is a good option for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. It has a diameter of 26 cm, a height of 17 cm and a capacity of 5.2 L.

The cocotte is coated with matte black enamel on the inside, which creates a highly efficient stewing effect that intensifies the natural flavour of a dish. Enamel\'s outstanding cooking properties improve with every use. 

Sacacorchos Profesional de...
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Sacacorchos Profesional de Pared BOJ

148,76 € 185,95 €
  •  Con el sacacorchos de pared BOJ es muy fácil abrir botellas de vino de una manera rápida y eficiente. La palanca accionadora mide 30 centímetros con el objeto de maximizar el poder de extracción. La altura total del sacacorchos es de 55 centímetros. Para iniciar el proceso hay que colocar la botella en el soporte inferior. No es necesario sujetarla con la mano durante el proceso de extracción del corcho. El sacacorchos de pared está diseñado y construido de una forma muy robusta, siendo muy resistente al paso del tiempo.
MIYABI 4000FC Gyutoh
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MIYABI 4000FC Gyutoh

130,17 € 144,63 €
  • Hoja de acero Carbide 61, dura y afilada
  • La hoja tiene una dureza de 61 Rockwell, duradera y con gran retención del filo
  • Filo al estilo de las katanas japonesas para un afilado excepcional
  • Hoja endurecida al frío, FRIODUR dos veces, para darle robustez, elasticidad y resistencia a la corrosión
  • Con el logotipo de Miyabi grabado en la hoja
  • Mango de madera octogonal para un agarre cómodo y un aspecto atractivo
  • Fabricado en Japón